Thursday, July 31, 2008

Floral Designs for your Rib Tattoos

Rib tattoos can really be sexy and exciting because it is not common yet. Admit it, its not for everyone, only those with great bodies have the guts to do it because, it does need a bit of showing up some flesh in order to flaunt it. With the rib cage area as comparable to a big canvas to work on, it would not be hard to decide what designs to go for. However, if you look online, a lot of women, and even men go for floral designs for their rib tattoos.

Some of the common designs that we can choose for the rib cage area are cherry blossoms, rose, lilies, hawaiian flowers like hibiscus and even plumeria. These flowers are the most popular ones but there are actually tons of varieties to choose from. Flowers, no matter what kind it is can always look good on one's body as a tattoo art. Explore online for flowers or you can check out our review of tattoo gallery to find the best floral tattoo art for your body.

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