Friday, April 30, 2010

Flower and Butterfly Rib Tattoos

This is a very pretty rib tattoo piece with realistic hibiscus flowers and detailed coloring and shading on the butterflies. The tattoo was done by Podge, in Podge's Tattoos, Pontypridd, UK and the owner meant to add more butterflies to represent each member of her family. Beautifully inked and interestingly put together and with a great body to match, this tattoo design is definitely a head turner.

As this photo proves, you can never go wrong with a flower tat or a butterfly tattoo design; so what more can you expect when combine the two as if to mimic nature's scene as butterfly does sip nectar from the flowers for its food. Truly an amazing sight to behold so its no wonder that one would want the scene forever tattooed on their body.

Hibiscus generally means delicate beauty or seize the moment. This is in reference to its bloom which lasts for only for a short period of time. Butterflies on the other hand represent change, transformation and start of a new life.

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