Thursday, July 1, 2010

This is an amazing piece of rib tattoo design of a horse. The lines are very finely done and the shadings give the drawing so much life. The horse's natural beauty and grace are clearly depicted in the design not to mention the speed, stamina and strength that this animal is known for.

The horse symbolizes a lot of positive things such as freedom, power, nobility and grace. They were viewed as like brave warriors accompanying highly skilled fighters who sought victory on wars and battles. The horse also represents faith and loyalty to one's country. It is also a prevalent representation of speed, virility and intellect.

It's significance can be traced even as far back as the prehistoric times where its already acknowledged. Being a natural companion to man in both work and art, it has long been a part of history ranking high honors and receiving reverence and respect. It is perhaps an animal that is one of the biggest contributors of the development of civilization.

By Gene Coffey at Tattoo Culture

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