Monday, July 19, 2010

Virgin Mary Rib Tattoos

This is an amazing piece of the rib tattoo art that definitely creates a religious statement. It depicts the image of the Virgin Mary in a very dramatic way, made even moving with the addition of roses. The shadings and lines are magnificent, inked and highlighted at the right places to make it look realistic and saintly. The depiction of the devout face of the Virgin Mary speaks a lot of the spirituality and faith that the wearer of this tattoo. The artist at crayford tattoo studio did a fantastic job at this rib tattoo piece, the wearer must be so pleased with his tattoo.

Devotion to the Virgin Mary has been a major part of the spiritual life of a large number of Christians particularly the Catholics. She is known as the Blessed mother of Jesus Christ, the mother of God.


Mzz Pain said...

what does these words say. an what does it mean? i want to take this exact tat but cant see the words

MyDreamsFly said...

Dolor hic tibi disserit olim. It means "Some day this pain will be useful to you".