Friday, June 26, 2009

Angel Rib Tattoos

Angel rib tattoos are another theme to go for when choosing a design for your rib cage. Angels are best expressed in large, detailed and intricate style in order for one to appreciate their beauty and what better way to ink them than on one's rib cage. Here are kinds of angels and what they symbolize:

Guardian angels were traditionally believed to interact with people in the course of daily life. They roam the earth in visible form taking responsibility for the well being of people in trouble, leading them out of danger and providing sustenance.

Archangels are the seven angels are the closest to God, the divine messengers that form the link between Heaven and Earth, humans and God. There are three well-known archangels namely Gabriel, Michael and Rafael who they played major roles in stories from the bible.

Fallen Angels represent the battle between good and evil (God and Lucifer). These designs often show angels with torn wings or horns or both. There are those who depict a brooding looking angel with a broken or bloody sword in their hand. The mood and feeling of darkness is often achieved by the use of darker colors and heavier inks.

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