Sunday, June 28, 2009

Star rib tattoos is another favorite theme for those who are looking to get tattooed. Their flexibility in terms of color, size and symbolism ranked them in top spot for being one of the most sought after designs for those who want to be inked on their rib cage.

Stars can symbolize many things such as supremacy, constancy, vigilance, aspirations or guidance. Meanings can also differ depending on how many points a star has.

Nautical star tattoo is a favorite design for men because it can make them appear very masculine. It is believed to stand for protection and guidance, probably an indication of finding one's path in life. It was originally used by sailors during the early days to help them in their journey at sea.

Traditionally shooting stars were meant to denote a new birth and changes in ones life and also a wish for a better life. They are very pretty and versatile and they are more for women. They are suggestive of going for one's dreams or goals in life or an indication of wishes coming true. They can also be an expression of one's inner desire to be a star and they generally look cool and sexy. Comparable to the brief wonder of seeing a shooting star race across the night sky, shooting star tattoos can also symbolize a fleeting moment in ones life.

Aside from nautical and shooting stars, there are literally hundreds of variations for star rib tattoos. There are star tattoos group together with the sun, or the moon, or all three of them together. There are Star of David, pentagram and six pointed stars. There are even designs combine with other celestial bodies like planets and comets as if mimicking the galaxy. They can also be executed and look great wit tribal or Celtic touch.

Photo by Davied Michael

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